Festival of Arts - Presentation

Festival 4 Arts, Câmpina 2019-2020 – Presentation

The Local Council and the City Hall of Câmpina
Municipal House of Culture „Geo Bogza” Câmpina
The National Tourist Information and Promotion Center Câmpina
Philharmonic Society in Câmpina
Saint Anthony of Padua Parish, Câmpina
„Nicolae Grigorescu” National College Câmpina Brebu Monastery
„Matei Basarab” Secondary School Brebu
Best Bridge Services SRL

1        Introduction

The „Festival 4 Arts” project aims at increasing and disseminating national and universal culture within a series of artistic events that bring together all areas of art and which aim to cohesion between masters and disciples, between consecrated artists and talented young people who are formed in the artistic field.

As we have demonstrated in all the events already organized, one of the most important results of the „Festival 4 Arts” project and its preparatory season, called the „Prologue of the Festival”, is that young and talented children across the region can be asserted and can become known locally, nationally and internationally.

Relaxation and restoration of resources during the holiday made it necessary to find a venue for the Festival so that young people benefit from several advantages, all offered by the wonderful city of Câmpina: isolation from intense road traffic, picturesque settlement, clean air, sunny days, all with a beneficial effect on health.

2        Festival 4 Arts Overview

Our project starts from the idea of ​​satisfying the need for rest and recreation while studying daily in a professional, competitive and enjoyable environment.

We believe that joining the four areas – music, visual arts, acting and creative writing – contributes to the development of the artistic spirit and the individual motivation of the participants.

At the same time, we found that among students there is a desire to participate in events that combine the courses supported by renowned professors, with the possibility of socializing with colleagues from different areas of the country as well as from abroad.

Finally, we leave open the participation of children who want to take the first steps in the artistic field, organizing for them courses of initiation in music, on different instruments, in visual arts, in acting or creative writing. We also want to accommodate adults who want to develop or refine an artistic hobby in the fields of visual arts, acting or creative writing.

2.1       Music

Musical classes, individual study, cenacles and drama courses will take place in high schools in Câmpina, at the “Geo Bogza” House of Culture, at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and in other locations with pianos.

The young musicians will be able to participate in chamber ensembles and, given the existence of a fairly large number of students, an orchestra will be set up to prepare a final concert. Also, students of musicology will be guided to write music chronicles for the whole period of the festival, and the most valuable works will be published in the festival’s magazine.

Students from the Composition Masterclass can present their works in the first absolute audition at the festival.

Participants will perform concerts and recitals in different days and locations. The finality of the Festival will be a concert of a greater magnitude.

2.2       Visual arts

Visual art courses – painting workshops – is designed to develop participants’ creativity and explore the field of fine arts. Students will work together with the age group they will be part of. At the end of the Festival, the works of all participants will be exhibited in the hall where the Final Concert will take place and will be published in the Festival brochure.

2.3       Drama courses

Theater and acting courses are designed to give learners the opportunity to develop in multiple ways, including helping them to become better acquainted with themselves, developing their communication skills, vocabulary, creativity and the ability to socialize with ease. Mr. Lect. Univ. Dr. Mihai Bisericanu and Dr. Loreta Neculai will reveal to the theater and film enthusiasts multiple perspectives of the actor profession. The course will introduce practical notions about diction and movement, propose exciting imaginative exercises, provide techniques for translating personal experiences into acting and the life of a character. The course will offer various improvisation games designed to develop attention, responsiveness and memory capacity. As an immediate result of the course, participants will gain confidence in their own strengths, acquire insight into interpersonal relationships, and learn to react spontaneously. At the end of the festival, the students of this section will present a play with the script they designed during the course. 

2.4       Creative writing

With a vast experience of writers and organizers and teachers in literary creation camps, Mr. Florin Dochia will ensure that these courses are conducted at the highest level of creativity, professionalism and efficiency, finalizing with the publication of the works written by the students in the magazine of the Festival of Arts made with the support of Master Florin Dochia.

The stated purpose of these activities is to attract and cultivate new literary talents, including the participation of young people and children with talent in this artistic field.

2.5       The management team and the faculty  

President of the Festival: PROF. HORIA SABIN DRĂGOI


Music Councilor: PROF. DR. MIRUNA MARIA NEGREA (President of Marțian Negrea Foundation)


ADRIAN SUCIU – piano, pipe organ, music improvisation and accompaniament (Mozarteum Salzburg University, Austria)

PROF. UNIV. DR. CORINA IBĂNESCU – piano and accompaniment (Transylvania University of Brasov)

PROF. MIHNEA ANTON DRĂGOI – piano (CNM „George Enescu” București

ILARION IONESCU-GALAȚI – violin and conducting (conductor and honorary director of the Ploiesti Philharmonic)


PROF. MIHAELA MAILAT – violin (CNM „George Enescu” București)

LUCIAN GABRIEL DĂNILĂ – violin (Party Chief Radio Chamber Orchestra, București)

LUCIAN MORARU – viola (Artistic Director at Traffic Strings)

RADU SINACI – cello (Party Chief Radio Chamber Orchestra, București) 

PROF. DRD. MIRUNA ELENA VIDICAN – harp (CNM „George Enescu”)

PROF. DR. TUDOR NICULESCU-MIZIL – guitar (School of Arts Nr. 5, București)

PROF. ADRIAN STOICA – flute (Arts Highschool „Bălașa Doamna” Târgoviște)

PROF. MIRCEA LĂZĂRICĂ – trumpet (CNM „George Enescu” București)

PROF. UNIV. DR. DIANA MOȘ – chamber music (Rector of UNMB)




PROF. DR. FLORIN RĂDUCANU – jazz (CNM „George Enescu” București)



PROF. ALEXANDRA ARIADNA MIHAI – pop music and music-hall (Crina Mardare Music Experience School)

Visual Arts:



Acting (drama lessons):

LECT. UNIV. DR. MIHAI BISERICANU (UNATC „I. L. Caragiale”, București)


Creative writing:

FLORIN DOCHIA (writer and journalist, Câmpina)

2.6       Organizers
2.6.1      Best Bridge Services SRL

The vision of Best Bridge Services SRL is to create opportunities to assert and develop new generations of talented young people in the arts field.

The company operates from 1995 and has extensive management, marketing, business strategy and project management experience. Starting from consultancy and management training, at present Best Bridge Services SRL has as main activity the promotion and support of young talents in the field of arts, especially music and fine arts.

It collaborates with national and international artists, teachers with extensive experience, pedagogical talent and professional dedication.

The General Director and Project Manager, Anca Poștea has provided training and consultancy programs for managers for over 23 years in Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Management, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources Development.

2.6.2      President of the festival, Professor Horia Sabin Drăgoi

Prof. Horia Sabin Drăgoi has extensive cultural and educational management experience, has been president and member of many national and international music competitions and has a rich solo and competitive activity as a pianist. He has many medals, diplomas and awards that prove a prodigious musical activity.

2.6.3      Artistic Director, Professor Dr. Diana Spânu-Dănilă

Prof. Dr. Diana Spânu-Dănilă has a comprehensive experience of pianist, corepetitor master, accompanying professor, musicologist, including author of radio programs. She has numerous national and international awards in piano, chamber music and musicology competitions, has played tours in the country and abroad, making numerous recordings.

2.6.4      Visual Arts Coordinator, Professor Maria Poștea

Maria Poştea graduated from the Bucharest University of Arts and received her Master degree with Erasmus scholarship from the Academy of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia. She is a graduate of the I-level Teacher Training Department. She has been working for over six years with children in medieval camps, creative camps and festivals. Maria has had numerous national and international exhibitions and awards.

The course fee includes:

  • Lessons, mentoring and coaching, theoretical courses and participation in recitals and concerts;
  • Accompanists;
  • Use of the facilities for studying and recitals/Concerts/Theatre Performances/Vernissages;
  • The materials required for the course of the visual arts courses, for those who want these courses;
  • Diploma of participation and other materials;
  • Free admission to all events of the Festival of Arts.

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