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President of the Festival: PROF. HORIA SABIN DRĂGOI Artistic Director: PROF. DR. DIANA SPÂNU-DĂNILĂ Music Councilor: PROF. DR. MIRUNA MARIA NEGREA (President of Marțian Negrea Foundation) Music: ADRIAN SUCIU – piano, pipe organ, music improvisation and accompaniament (Mozarteum Salzburg University, Austria) PROF. UNIV. DR. CORINA IBĂNESCU – piano […]

Festival of Arts, Câmpina 2019 – Presentation

The Festival of Arts offers:
Summer courses and Masterclass in music, visual arts, theater and literary creation. The Faculty members have artistic international experience both as professionals in the mentioned artistic fields and as pedagogues.
In music we offer classes for classical music, pop music, folk music and jazz. In the classical music section we offer courses for all instruments, orchestra and chamber music courses, composition courses and musicology. All students will be able to present their program to the public.
The visual art courses – painting workshop – will be organized in age and experience groups, 2 hours per workshop every day. The painting workshop is designed to develop participants’ creativity and explore the field of fine arts. At the end of the festival, the works of all participants will be displayed in the foyer of the „Geo Bogza” Cultural House and will be published in the festival brochure.
Drama and acting courses are designed to give learners the opportunity to grow in multiple ways, including helping them to better communication, developing vocabulary, creativity, attention, memory and socializing. The course will offer captivating imagination exercises and it will provide techniques for translating personal experiences into acting and bringing to the life of a character. At the end of the festival, the students of this section will present a play with the script they designed during the course.
The creative writing courses will stimulate learners to elaborate more works and present them to the public. In the end, their works will be published in the festival brochure.