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General rules for participation in the International Contest

1. General conditions

1.1 Participants in the International Competition of the Festival 4 Arts are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of the general rules for participating in the competition;

1.2 The rules of the contest are drawn up and made public, according to the applicable Romanian legislation. The organizer reserves the right to modify or change the Regulation, and such changes will enter into force only after the prior announcement of the presentation of these changes on the official page: https://festivaluldearte.com/ .

2. Specific conditions

2.1 All persons with Romanian citizenship or foreign citizens, regardless of nationality, race, sex or religion, and who meet all the conditions set out in general and specific rules of the International Competition, can participate in it.

2.2 It is forbidden for participants to submit works/recordings for which they do not hold copyright according to Law no. 8/1996 with subsequent amendments and additions regarding copyright and related rights. In this regard, participants are responsible for the authenticity and originality of the work/recording.

2.3 The organizer will not consider works that in any way violate the Copyright Law or other Romanian laws in force on the date of the Contest.

2.4 Entries sent under the terms of the Organization and Conduct Regulations and the general rules of the International Contest – Festival 4 Arts, will be accompanied, compulsorily, by Annex 1 – Registration form, completed, dated and signed. By signing it, the contestant/guardian acknowledges and agrees with Annex 2 – PUBLICATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT and Annex 3 – Parental agreement to participate in the contest for minor participants . Failure to meet this mandatory requirement as well as some form omissions will result in automatic disqualification.

2.5 Entrants will submit entries acknowledging the “PUBLICATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT”.

3. Interruption of the contest

3.1 The contest may be interrupted only in case of force majeure or by a decision of the Organizer, but not before publicly announcing the decision on the website https://festivaluldearte.com/ .

3.2 According to the provisions of art. 1351 para. (2) of the New Civil Code, force majeure is defined as follows: “Force majeure is any external, unpredictable, absolutely invincible and unavoidable event.”

4. Processing of personal data

4.1 In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 with subsequent amendments and additions for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and of Law no. 506/2004 with subsequent amendments and additions regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of private life in the electronic communications sector, you have the following rights regarding the collection and processing of personal data: the right to intervene on the data (art. 14), the right to information (art. 12), access to data (art. 13), opposition to using your personal data (art. 15), to address the Court (art. 18). To exercise these rights, you can send a written, dated and signed request to the e-mail address: festivaluldearte@gmail.com;

4.2 Your personal data collected by the Organizer under the conditions set out above may be used and/or transferred for purposes of advertising, marketing and publicity, education and culture, subscription to the newsletter, competitions, contests, representing your consent.

4.3 By Enrolling in the Contest, you have the obligation to correctly and completely complete Annex 1 with personal data, these being part of the Contest entry application.

4.4 At the written request of the participant, dated and signed, sent to the e-mail address:  festivaluldearte@gmail.com , the organizer undertakes:

– To rectify, update, block, delete or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, the data whose processing does not comply with the legal provisions;

– To stop processing the applicant’s personal data.

4.5 By completing the aforementioned annexes and sending them to the Organizer, in order to participate in the contest, the participant or the legal representative of the participant implicitly gives his consent to the processing of personal data by the organizer.

5. Litigation

Any disputes arising between the Organizer and the participant in this competition will be resolved amicably.

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