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Winners – 3rd International Piano Competition

The 3rd Edition of The International Online Piano Competition of the Festival 4 Arts “/ Festivalul de Arte ”Dan Iordăchescu” impressed all of us with the high level of the interpretations and and consequently there are many winners. However, the Jury was very demanding, and the scores obtained are different for all competitors, except for the Grand Prize which is awarded 100 points unanimously by the Jury members. We, as the organizers, in the desire to give joy to the efforts of young musicians, have made a grouping for each award in intervals of 5 points. Thus, those who scored between 95-99 points took the first prize and so on. The order in which the competitors are displayed is the reverse order of the score received.

Among those who won the Grand Prize, we will announce on April 1st the winner of the festival Trophy. He/she will only receive the offer of the Trophy:

The Festival’s Tophy goes to Michele Castaldo, Professional Piano, Group IV from Sasso Marconi (Bologna), Italy Guided by Prof. Giorgio Farina and Prof. Federico Nicoletta @ Conservatory G.B. Martini of Bologna. Listen to his performance within the competition at and to his recital within the Online Competitions Gala at

Terms: Mention = 4th Prize

The Laureates Gala will be published as Premiere on festival’s YouTube channel:  at 19:00 UTC +3 / EEST. You also can check with the Facebook event:

Laureates Gala, April 1st, 2023 @ 19:00 UTC +3 / EEST

Wonderful children and young people, future great artists, managed to bring us the Emotion, Joy and Story of their Soul through every shared sound. Thank you!

Prof. Dr. Miruna-Elena Vidican – Festival 4 Arts ”Dan Iordăchescu” – artistic coordinator

The prizes for the Winners of International Online Piano & Organ Competitions


Diploma (it will be sent by email, at the address from which you did apply, starting with April 2nd). Those who want to know the score, request it at


An interview conducted on Zoom with you and about you, promoted on YouTube and Facebook (request at


5% discount on registration for Masterclasses at the Festival 4 Arts ”Dan Iordăchescu”, in the summer of 2023 (including online courses for foreigners). See (for English, please click ”Translate” button). Apply at

FOR THE I-st PRIZE of excellence

Remember, you all are wonderful and, together with your talent and the work of the guiding teachers, together with the support and involvement of your parents, you have built a very beautiful Land! Congratulations and we wish you much success in the future!

You know that you are very creative and full of innovative ideas, so we look forward to listening to your ideas about what you would like to find, have or undertake at the Festival 4 Arts ”Dan Iordăchescu” in order to grow together that realm we told you about.

We look forward to enjoying future professional activities, but also fun, of course!

Prof. Dr. Miruna-Elena Vidican, Artistic Coordinator of the Festival 4 Arts ”Dan Iordăchescu”

The YouTube Audience Award goes to Gretchendell Agfinia Thendean, Amateur Piano, Group II with 929 appreciations and 1936 views. The Facebook Audience Award goes to Agape Duo, Ensembles, Group VI with 83 comments with their name from a total of 98 comments.

Professional Piano

Group I     Prize
Iustina Baciu Întorsura Buzăului, Romania Mention
Cătălina-Natalia Tăut Oradea, Romania III
Irina Buzea Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania II
Sara Andreea Muntea Alba Iulia, Romania I
Group II      
David-Albert Blidar Oradea, Romania Mention
Adrian-Mihai Murea Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania III
Osea-Alin Niculaș Oradea, Romania III
Natalia Visniuc Lăcătușu Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania II
Tudor Nicolae Bucatca Alba Iulia, Romania II
Sura-Lara Ilyés Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania II
Rose Dam Roy Kolkata (Calcutta), India I
Maria Anastasia Filon Brașov, Romania 1st Prize of Excellence
Group III      
Eliza Maria Iordache Bucharest, Romania Mention
Eduard Ruben Molnar Reghin, Romania II
Yordan Popov Plovdiv, Bulgaria II
Gabriel Niculae Oradea, Romania II
Theodora Mărgean Ploiești, Romania I
Antonia Bianca Muntean Alba Iulia, Romania I
Group IV      
Maya Antonia Neacșu Brașov, Romania II
Juntong Li Brașov, Romania / Beijing, China I
Kristel Karagjozi Durres, Albania I
Michele Castaldo Sasso Marconi (Bologna), Italy Festival’s Trophy
Group V      
Qigege Wang Harbin, China III
Bianca Stănescu Cluj-Napoca, Romania II
Group VI      
Yejin Cha Daegu, South Korea II
Yebin Ha Daegu, South Korea II
Haiting Ning Mannheim, Germany II
Garam Park Lübeck, Germany I
Yongseok Jung Frankfurt am Main, Germany I

Amateur Piano

Group I     Prize
Anastasia Elena Cosneanu Ojdula, Romania II
Selena-Ioana Zaharescu Bucharest, Romania II
Selena Gorgos Chișinău, Republic of Moldova II
Maria Ene Constanța, Romania I
Group II      
Elisabeta Sonyi Arad, Romania III
Radu Nicolae Ene Bucharest, Romania III
Teodor Boboc Bucharest, Romania III
Laura Covrig Chișinău, Republic of Moldova III
Alexandrina Timcovan Chișinău, Republic of Moldova II
Darius Moraru Costache Bucharest, Romania II
Patricia Dabija Chișinău, Republic of Moldova II
Bianca Reabov Chișinău, Republic of Moldova II
Antonia Cristina Negrău Oradea, Romania II
Eveline Cristiana Silitră Buftea, Romania II
Andreea Bejan Chișinău, Republic of Moldova I
Gretchendell Agfinia Thendean Ambon, Indonesia I & YouTube Audience Award
Matei Garaba Chișinău, Republic of Moldova I
Group III      
George Gabriel Motișan Buftea, Romania III
Timea Toth Bucharest, Romania II
David Abrudan Bucharest, Romania II
Ana-Emilia Irimia Popești-Leordeni, Romania I
Group V      
Evelin Krkovič Ljubljana, Slovenia I
Marian Petrică Iași, Romania 1st Prize of Excellence
Group VI      
Katarina Ningrum Bandung, Indonesia II
Tudor Cucer Cluj-Napoca, Romania I
Dietmar Zuehlke Hannover, Germany I
Karin Zuza Tolmin, Slovenia Grand Prix


Group II      Prize
Andra Severin and Delia Stoica Ialoveni, Republic of Moldova II
Group IV      
Alexandru Bogatu and Liza Sedelcova Chișinău, Republic of Moldova I
Group VI      
Agape Duo Warsaw, Poland Grand Prix & Facebook Audience Award

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