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Alexandru Rusu, Prose, Group I

Alexandru Rusu participates in the “Short prose” section of the International Literary Creation Competition, 4th edition, from Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. Alexandru is 13 years old and he is guided by professor Viorica Curmoiarțev at Theoretical Lyceum “Mihail Sadoveanu”. We thank her for her participation and wish her success.

                                                                                     Our planet - our mother
Every person has holy things in his life: his native land, his family, friendship, etc. 

We are all different, but we have a common home - the Earth. Every one of us needs a beautiful planet on which to live in love, respect and understanding.

Earth is for us like a mother with a good heart, who loves us and offers different things: the crystalline murmur of springs, the tender chirping of birds, the flowering trees with sweet fragrances like honey, the rich harvest and much more. On her paths we take our first steps, with the her arms like trees and forests we are protected from the burning sun, from her hands we drink crystal water to quench our thirst and also  here, on Earth, we spend our lives with our dear people. Earth as a caring parent generously offers us her riches and accepts us with open arms. She loves each of us.  

We, her children, are responsible for the well-being of the planet. We need to protect her and take care of her. Let’s plant trees and flowers, so that she can breathe easily, provide us with fresh air and delight our eyes with greenery and multicolored plants! Let's recycle waste and keep water clean! Let's cherish everything that is truly valuable!

Let’s save our mother planet together, show love, affection and respect to her for all her kindness towards us!