Prof. Dr. Diana Spânu-Dănilă – Artistic Director and professor of accompaniment

In one sentence, Prof. Dr. Diana Spânu-Dănilă is an exceptional pianist, a very good accompanist, a professor very much loved by students, because she is also a “musical encyclopedia” due to the complex knowledge in this field.

With a vast experience as a pianist and as a accompaniment master (for the “Gavriil Musicescu” Choir of the “Moldova” Philharmonic – Iaşi, for the soloists of the “Ion Dacian” National Opera House – Bucharest), currently professor Diana Spânu is a professor of the National Music College “George Enescu” and of the University of Music Pitești. Prof. Dr. Diana Spânu-Dănilă holds many national and international awards in piano, chamber music or musicology contests, having in her musician career, experience as an author of radio music broadcasts (Radio Iasi and Radio Romania Bucharest), as well.

Her students also have impressive achievements, numerous awards at the Olympiads, national and international competitions.

She is a member of Trio Mozaic, with whom she has performed concerts in the country and abroad, many in the first audition and with great success to the public. As a solo pianist, accompaning various instrumentalists or in the Trio Mosaic ensemble, Diana Spânu-Dănilă has performed in tours across the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Romania (Iaşi, Tulcea, Piatra Neamţ, Baia Mare, Sinaia, Buşteni) making numerous recordings. Among the recordings are the “Young Laureates at International Contests”, “Chamber Music” by Felicia Donceanu, radio recordings with “Trio Mosaic” and violinist Lucian Gabriel Dănilă, broadcasts at Radio Romania and Romanian Television.

Among the outstanding achievements of Mrs. Diana Spânu-Dănilă, there are concerts with the orchestra under the wand of the conductors Ion Baciu (Romania) and Aldo Brizzi (Italy), performances and recitals alongside soloists Felicia Filip, Elena Moșuc, Florin Diaconescu and together with actors Ion Caramitru and Leopoldina Bălănuţă, recitals with Prof. Univ. Dr. Anne-Marie Condacse (USA), Daniel Magdal (prim-soloist at the Bucharest National Opera) and many other personalities of national and international music.

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