Poetry Contest

Alice Danci – Poetry Contest – English, Gr III

Alice Danci participates in the Poetry Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, from Brașov, Romania. We wish her success and thank her!

On a star

Words are my comfort
from the thunder and storm,
from the people that
don't even know they are born.
I'm on a pilgrimage of joyous seconds,
Of rested souls and time well spent.
Cherish your breath, give it a chance!
Go hug a tree and walk on water,
Run just as fast as you did in dreams
Go make your body shiver with awe
And rest once again on a star.
There's no so far, there's no what if
'Cause our time here is just a cruel thief.
Give it your best, now, that you can
Just take your heart into your hands
Whisper it gently - Well done, my dear!
You're the best heart I could have dreamed.
And place it with care, on a star.

Night whispers

I used to tell myself at night
I am the canvas - oversized
Is it you who paints the picture?
Or is it I?
I took the brushes - round and dry
But colors didn't match the sky
So I just had to improvise.
I made it pink and grey and red
I found the clouds all in my head
I didn't think again and tried
To just paint over you and I.


From this day on
I have decided
To turn people into trees
And let them grow
As they should be;
With the branches in the wind
And a hundred eyes as leaves,
With the roots throughout the soil
And embraces in their dreams.
From this day on,
The wholeness of the forest
Would not dare to gently die
As the beating hearts inside
Would not stop to try
to believe again
In the golden sphere of joy
Up inside the morning sky.

September, late

Gather your petals while you can,
The sun is moving to a new land,
Together with the bees and butterflies,
The little birds, the clovers, and the flies.
He's leaving us for a short while,
Without even saying goodbye.
In his place, the night will reign,
With its great mysteries - its pains.
But worried we should not be,
'Cause there's no real distance
Between you and me.
The darkness cannot replace
Even the sun's tiniest remains.