Poetry Contest

Elena-Simona Nastase – Poetry Contest – English, Gr III

Elena-Simona Nastase participates in the Poetry Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, from Bacău, Romania. We wish her success and thank her!

The day I stopped avoiding myself

The day I stopped avoiding myself was not a moment of pain,
It was no power game,
Not even a bit of shame.
That day was a moment of innocence and honest play,
A moment of no hunger, no desire of no words to say,
It was my moment of glory for me,
When I realized who I was, am and will be.
I was the gorgeous man and woman of my life.
My life was me.
There was no separation and nothing apart, away, or in between.
There was one thing though,

My roads are only one

I have been trying so hard to find myself.
I burned myself with joy,
With making other people happy,
With sharing my luck with everybody.
I had imagined that we were all equal.
I had believed that it was all mutual.
I travelled so much,
Hoping to meet my kind of people,
My kind of joy,
My kind of miracle.
But all my roads brought me to only one place
They brought me to myself.
             My roads are only one.

Give me back my Mysterious One!

I started out in life looking for the mysterious that made us.
I thought I will find about it in school,
But there was no mysticism there, no mysterious sign of my wondrous God.
So, I abandoned it.
People told me that the mysterious one was at church,
And when I went there, they had another name for my mysterious one...
They called it the Punisher.
So, I abandoned it.
I went to read about God.
Even the philosophers were a bit confused about the mysterious one!
They would lecture you about God but when the lectures were over
There was no God.
So, I abandoned it.
I finally ended up down at the mercy of nature...
And I screamed out loud: „If I can’t find you here, mysterious one, I will abandon nature too”
So, I stayed and stayed and contemplated
And I asked the sea, the stars, the sun and the trees:
Where is my mysterious one?
But they wouldn’t say a word...
They all murmured only a continuous silence.
Who would have thought this mysterious silence full of life and no words, WAS GOD!
I found the silence in myself too and my mysterious revealed itself.
                 And from then on, I stopped abandoning it.

The madness of the sane

I took a break today from the madness of the sane
It’s just too much of this common game
Pathology’s our brutality
Blindness, our normality
I am kind of tired to be sad
I am kind of tired to be mad
All I need is to be proud and embrace the sun.
All I need is to be up and wash away my scar.
Shut down my brain and encompass the reign
Be the queen of my heart and let it all play
All I want is to feel at peace
All I want is to get you back to life
Because it’s sad how dead you are
It’s insane how sad you are!

Copyright Simona-Elena Nastase 15.09.2020