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Participants at the International Piano and Violin Contest

The first edition of the International Piano and Violin Performance Contest brought together 144 participants. We are grateful that we have participants from all over Romania, from the Republic of Moldova, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Italy and Portugal. We thank everyone and congratulate them for their participation and for the work they do every day to achieve performance in music.

The youngest Participants at the International Piano and Violin Contest

Instead of other words and statistics, we present to you what Anne Sophie Dogaru (5 years old) wrote to us: ”Thank you for the opportunity to participate at this contest. I play piano with all my heart and I hope to share the happiness that I feel when I read a new score or when my interpretation gets better. I am grateful to my beloved piano teacher, as well.”

Anne Sophie Dogaru – the youngest pianist in the contest

We also would like to introduce to you the youngest violin competitor – Beatrice Ambra (5 years old). She started studying violin for less than a year, with her parents Prof. Antonio Ambra and Alexandra Butnaru. She has already performed in concerts as soloist or as member of young chamber music ensembles. She loves classical music and her favorite violinist is Itzhak Perlman.

The youngest violinist in the contest – Beatrice Ambra (5 yo) from Catania, Italy

We wish all the participants success and a lot of love for music, so that we can be proud that we found out about them on the beautiful occasion of the International Piano and Violin Performance Contest of the Festival 4 Arts (Festivalul de Arte).

The Public Prize for the Participants at the International Piano and Violin Contest

While the Jury listens to the competitors’ interpretations, we invite you to vote for your favorite contestant. The public vote can be done by appreciating the video with the favorite contestant on YouTube or by commenting with his/her name on the post on Facebook, the festival page:, of this article.

Rule: Anyone who appreciates can “like” the video on YouTube AND can comment on Facebook with the name of the favorite competitor, but it is not aloud to comment on Facebook several times with the same name.

You can listen to the performances of the participants in the International Piano and Violin Contest by clicking the link to the playlists of each section or the links next to each one’s name.

Time references

The Public Vote will last till the 3rd of April at 23:59. We shall offer two Public Prizes – one for YouTube and the other for Facebook, and they will be 20 Euro (100 lei) each. Many other Prizes will be announced with the results of the contest, on 2nd April night. On 3rd of April night will have the Laureates Gala – Premiere on YouTube and on 4th April night will announce the Festival 4 Arts’ Trophy. Read the Rules for more details regarding Prizes.

The List of Participants International Piano and Violin Contest

Category A53 participants
Section I
1Aghenie LeonoraRm. VâlceaRomania
2Amarsaikhan SodbayarUlaanbaatarMongolia
3Marin Matei IoanPloieștiRomania
4Moraru FlaviaCluj-NapocaRomania
5Niță EmaBucureștiRomania
6Vișan Anya MariaMoșnița VecheRomania
Section II
1Bejan MedeeaTârgu MureșRomania
2Covreag Miruna IoanaPiteștiRomania
3Frumusache BiancaChișinăuR. of Moldova
4Gantulga AnirUlaanbaatarMongolia
5Lefter MariaBuzăuRomania
6Lungu Darius IsaacBacăuRomania
7Maleș MariaBucureștiRomania
8Neamtu Maria DianaConstanțaRomania
9Negruț NataliaTârgu MureșRomania
10Patriche SabinSăceleRomania
11Popa AntoniaRâmnicu VâlceaRomania
12Sima Maria AndreeaBăicoiRomania
13Stanciu Arianna LucreziaCluj-NapocaRomania
14Timingeriu MariaBucureștiRomania
15Vasile DianaBragadiruRomania
Section III
1Chereches Ana SofiaBucureștiRomania
2Chiselenco Maria ElenaValu lui TraianRomania
3Cordoș Hariclea-BertaTârgu MureșRomania
4Filip IrisaConstanțaRomania
5Iușcă ElenaIașiRomania
6Kallo Maya AlbertaOradeaRomania
7Lăpușan Roxana-DianaOradeaRomania
8Marcu Eduard-GabrielRâmnicu VâlceaRomania
9Minea Patrick IonutBacăuRomania
10Moldovan-Maniu Victor StefanFloreștiRomania
11Nagy KrisztinaBudapestHungary
12Oprică AnastasiaIașiRomania
13Petre Diana MariaBucureștiRomania
14Roșca Patricia MariaLugojRomania
15Rugilė LieliungaitėMažeikiaiLithuania
16Serban Delia IoanaPloieștiRomania
17Stonkus DovydasMažeikiaiLithuania
18Tașu AntoniaConstanțaRomania
19Uilacan AlexiaTârgu MureșRomania
Section IV
1Bordea Sofia AlexandraBrăilaRomania
2Buliga Maya IzabelLugojRomania
3Coroli ElizavetaChișinăuR. of Moldova
4Forogau Estera DamarisCluj-NapocaRomania
5Ilisz DominikOradeaRomania
6 Rosca Robert Albergaria-a-Velha Portugal
7Tomescu CristinaCraiovaRomania
8Voinescu Andrei CristianRâmnicu VâlceaRomania
Section V
1Ifrim Sebastian PetronelIașiRomania
2Ionescu Cristian PaulBrașovRomania
3Ioniță EmanuelaBucureștiRomania
4Matei Maria MirunaConstanțaRomania
5Stan Dragos MihaiPloieștiRomania
Section VI
1Antonică MariusIașiRomania
Category B59 participants
Section I
1Barbu AnaBucureștiRomania
2Blidar FilipCluj-NapocaRomania
3Danila Ana-MariaPloieștiRomania
4Danila Mara GeorgianaPloieștiRomania
5Dogaru Anne SophieVoluntariRomania
6Iacob Smaranda MariaBucureștiRomania
7Jiros StefaniaBucureștiRomania
8Luca IuniaBucureștiRomania
9Marcu TheodorBucureștiRomania
10Șerb Maria AliceGiurgiuRomania
11Stanciu Sofia-ElenaIașiRomania
Section II
1Bartic SoniaTunariRomania
2Bejan AndreeaChișinău R. of Moldova
3Bolocan IoanaPloieștiRomania
4Burza Natalia AnamariaTimișoaraRomania
5Chiagă Amalia ȘtefaniaRediuRomania
6Colesnic AndreiChișinăuR. of Moldova
7Covaci ChristianLugojRomania
8Covrig LauraChișinăuR. of Moldova
9Dobrescu Sergiu AndreiCâmpinaRomania
10Dumitru MariaCorbeancaRomania
11Enache Radu MihaiBucureștiRomania
12Ene OdetteBucureștiRomania
13Florea Vlad CristianCraiovaRomania
14Gherman Ianis CristianBufteaRomania
15Hawkes Gabriela-AnniePloieștiRomania
16Ion Nicolas-IosifBufteaRomania
17Lepădat Alexandra MariaVălenii de MunteRomania
18Motisan Gabriel GeorgeBufteaRomania
19Neicu Stefania RuxandraBucureștiRomania
20Pogan Karina AlecsiaPantelimonRomania
21Predușel Irina RuxandraBucureștiRomania
22Sandru Eduard-MateiPloieștiRomania
23Solomon AdelinaSărata Galbenă CommuneRomania
24Toth TimeaBucureștiRomania
25Udrea Luca IonutIașiRomania
26Vasilescu TudorCraiovaRomania
27Zavate RobertBufteaRomania
Section III
1Ciobanu FlorinRoșioriiRomania
2Dincă AnamariaVălenii de MunteRomania
3Isai OanaCorbeancaRomania
4Lihet Briana MariaIașiRomania
5Marfon ȘtefanBucureștiRomania
6Micu Vlad AlexandruVălenii de MunteRomania
7Mihai TeodorBătrâni CommuneRomania
8Onoiu Theodora AlexiaVălenii de MunteRomania
9Toma Aidee Ioana MariaMăneciu CommuneRomania
10Vlad TudorOradeaRomania
11Zamora MariaIghiu CommuneRomania
12Zamostean NikitaChișinăuR. of Moldova
Section IV
1Anghelinei Codrina-ElenaIașiRomania
2Irimescu Dragos-AndreiIașiRomania
3Moraru Tudor FlorinIașiRomania
4Tudor GabrielaBucureștiRomania
5Popa Vlad MihaiBucureștiRomania
Section V 
1Istudor Andrei-ȘtefanFocșaniRomania
Section VI
1Bucătariu ElvisIașiRomania
2Izvoranu VioricaCâmpinaRomania
3Turcu Dana-AnastasiaIașiRomania
Category C30 participants
Section I
1Ambra BeatriceNicolosiItalia
2Bajan LauraMălăieștiR. of Moldova
3Popescu Daria-MariaBacăuRomania
4Resyli SiboraPristinaKosovo
Section II
1Almășan Mihai AdrianAlba IuliaRomania
2Amarsaikhan KhosbayarUlaanbaatarMongolia
3Artudean Maya NicoleBistrițaRomania
4Atanassov KaloyanVarnaBulgaria
5Banari VictorChișinăuR. of Moldova
6Bulac Nicolae AndreiAlba IuliaRomania
7Bumacov RobertChișinăuR. of Moldova
8Conț CarinaBistrițaRomania
9Dragalina Patrik AlbertTimișoaraRomania
10Lucaciu Alex SebastianSînmartinRomania
11Pleșca PetraChișinăuR. of Moldova
12Pop Maria IonelaBistrițaRomania
13Poptean  Hanna AdrianaCluj-NapocaRomania
14Predușel Irina RuxandraBucureștiRomania
Section III
1Bâldea GeorgiaBucureștiRomania
2Chitaru Andreea-TeodoraBacăuRomania
3Gora-Gioacăș Serafim-MihailBacăuRomania
4Lăutaru Butaru SofiaPiteștiRomania
5Miga Victor StefanCluj-NapocaRomania
6Minea Matei-CristianȘotânga CommuneRomania
7Sanduleac SanduChișinăuR. of Moldova
Section IV
1Ciolacu DorinCluj-NapocaRomania
2Furus AbelSfântu GheorgheRomania
3Lazăr DanielChișinăuR. of Moldova
4Turcu ŞtefaniaIașiRomania
Section VI
1Kornowicz AleksandraWarsawPoland

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