Prose Contest

Budin Maria Timeea – Prose, Gr. I – International Contest

Maria Timeea Budin comes from Târgu Mureș, guided in writing by Ana Stoica.

The seventeenth dream

Every year, I’m making a wish on my birthday. Last years I hoped for dolls, dresses and for my only friend, Butter, my horse, which makes me feel less alone since my brother, Azazel, went to London to become a doctor. He left when I was ten and I haven’t seen him since then. I want to become a doctor as well, another reason why I have to got o London.

I went to the kitchen and sit next to my father. We were talking about tomorrow, alias my birthday. I couldn’t believe what he just said. My dad promised me that he’ll get me to Azazel, but now he said no.

His reaction broke my heart. I already planned everything. I was so sad that I went straight into my room. I had a thought: I will ride my horse if my father is not going to take me there. I’ll go at the midnight.

So, I started packing some of my things. I put my beautiful white dress into my bag and then I went outside to check how was Butter doing.

I have waited until witching hour. Everyone was sleeping. When the clock showed me that it’s my birthday, I got my bag and got on Butter. We left.

It was a beautiful night, full of life given by me and Butter. I was full of a peaceful joy.

So, time passed and the night started to fade. My home is in a small English village, and this is why I spent a lot of time on my horse.

When the sun showed his smile, I knew that I’m getting closer and closer. My horse was very tired, but I couldn’t stop. I was nervous and I didn’t thought that I will do this but here I was, living my dream and living by myself.

Time passed and I saw other people. I thought that maybe they’re going to London as well, so I went after them. They seem rich, and this confirmed me their destination.

People like them started to appear everywhere, and in a short time I saw a board which had a big name written on it: LONDON.

I was very surprised. I finally arrived here. I’ve never seen such an amazing place! The buildings were so big that I had to look up to see them. People looked so classy and diverse. Unfortunately, they didn’t look really happy, I can’t understand why. I felt like I am the only person who is happy to be here and glad to exist. This was, for sure, the perfect birthday for me.

I felt strage tho. All these people were clean, while I was dirty and I had a tired horse. I took some time to think about what was happening, and then I took Butter and started looking for Azazel’s home.

The streets were so crowded, that I couldn’t move in a safe place. I stopped and asked a lady to help me find his house, as he is a well known doctor here. She gave me some indications, and then I followed the direction.

Soon, I arrived to a house which looked like a palace. I knew it was his house. I took a deep breath and knocked at the door.

I waited some minutes until a tall man with long clack hair opened. It was Azazel. I hugged him tight, and this I show he realised it’s me.

            ,,Enter, Azura!” he said.

            I was nervous, but I entered.

            „Happy birthday! This is your new home.”

            And then I closed the door.