Concurs de Poezie

Elvira Magdalena Mocanu, Poetry for children, Group IV

Elvira Magdalena Mocanu participates in the “Poetry for children” section of the International Literary Creation Competition, 4th edition, from Dobroești, Romania. Elvira Magdalena is 49 years old. We thank her for her participation and wish her success.

Little Ant

Animated poppy grain
Black and sharp and delicate,
From under the leaves of mint
Now comes out a little ant.

It felt that here, in the garden, 
Under the shade, on the table,
Covered by sugar, is shining
Three slices of fluffy pudding. 

What a delight, what a flavor!
If would reach the magic tray!
For just a few crumbs of cookie
All the nursery would pray!

When, suddenly, without news,
From the house, on the small door,
Running through the green, soft, grass
There comes, stealthily, a girl.

Singing cheerful, with cheeks flushed, 
Wearing matched a sailor hat
She is taking, fast, a pudding 
To put it in the skirt pocket.

And the miracle is happened:
From the little chubby hands
Have fallen, on the ground, like raining, 
A dribble of crunchy crumbs,.

The little ant, very pleased,
Quickly put in the small bag
The pieces of sparkling icing
To be for a month to grab.

Running fast towards the nests,
Happy, in a big day mood,
He said with big gratitude:
On my word, I love you, childhood!


Under the chair, in the garden,
Among threads of chamomile, 
It arose, so velvety,
The little Codiță's ear.

Is he lurking for a sparrow,
Or some tangle butterfly,
Or is following my steps
To make me, for scare, to cry?

I pretend have no idea
Why swarm through the silky grass...
Smelling a pink azalea,
I walk, slowly, to the gate.

I peek stealthily, to him
And I see while sneaking in.
Near the green, sorrel bush
Ready, now, to jump and push.

And, when, ruffled, small and black
It is hiding like the smog,
I pick him to kiss his nose, 
Cause I really love this dog!

Enchanted morning

The lake sleeps so nice and frozen
It is quiet like a picture
Spoiled by silver, too cold rays,
Tickled by light, hidden, shines, 
And invites to playful walk
A whole band of flying birds.
Gracefully, the canes are rustling
Noble, the reeds are now bending,
The delicate frog, so silly,
Giggle on a water lily.
It is quite a flimsy silence 
Like a ballerina dance
Floating on a crystal mirror,
Flake of light, on magic floor.