Concurs de Poezie

Ștefana Monica Ion, Poetry, Group III

Ștefana Monica Ion participates in the “Poetry” section of the International Literary Creation Competition, 4th edition, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Ștefana Monica is 20 years old. We thank her for her participation and wish her success.


Everyday I expected you to like me
So much white, I couldn’t see
It’s like I’m living in a novel
With you acting as my lover
I had to wait up in line
Until I could call you mine

It’s like a living paradise
Made from all your lies
Trying to find all our insecurities 
It’s like we’ve moved into a house of cards
Crying to avoid the collapse

Sometimes I wonder if you knew
How much damage someone can do
If I knew I could save my mind
I could wipe all colors, again getting blind
I would wipe your feelings, like you’ve lost mine
So how many times will you do that?

That’s how much damage you can do
Only by making life plans for two
Come on, it’s not that hard to go back in time
And ask me again: would you be mine?

Unlimited Fuel

Make me suffer so that I can create again
A new universe of speech that I'll lost in the end
Make me suffer so that my inspiration would invite itself
Lines filled with action capturing hypothetical questions

Get some sugar on top before it gets cold
There's nothing so pure to consume
Only combinations that I assume
Would get along due to
Repeated fails glued to 
Feeling nothing but good
So don't push the line to resume
Your whole life, that isn’t true
It's your disguise, feel free to act cruel

Sunrise ruins my mood when
All I want is unlimited fuel
You will always see my limited self
Because there's no way I'd uncover myself
In a way that I'd be totally transparent
Even though I'm happy for the present
I'll always be sad for the past
All those little things reminding of him
Compose my little tears, scared of him
I'm done using my breath to exist


I can’t buy any more time
Life makes sense when past rises
Its answers from unknown
Living memories and theories
Still resurrecting like lighting

Like lighting, it’s so obvious
The nonsense created by our humans
Voices still swearing, reflecting their evil mind
Catch a cold, become a new God
Do you know how to raise a sun?

Gravity, don’t kill me
Don’t throw me to that unknown again
I broke the laws, but I’m new
Can get colder, I’m still sober
This sounds sinister

Now I’m trying to make it more sinister
Trying to make my life more beautiful
It’s easier to make their lives prettier
They’re still swearing, they’re colder
Nobody’s prettier
It’s sinister

Wait, your eyes are glowing
Stay, I have a present
My life’s not eternal
I can’t walk through the garden