Prof. Mircea Lăzărică

Prof. Mircea Lăzărică – trumpet

Graduate of the “George Enescu” Music High School in Bucharest and, then, the “Ciprian Porumbescu” Conservatory Bucharest in 1978, Prof. Mircea Lăzărică studied the trumpet with renowned professors Ailincăi Nică and Iancu Văduva.

His gorgeous activity includes both numerous stage appearances and teaching experience, being a teacher from his faculty graduation year, initially at the “George Enescu” Music High School, then at the Transylvania University of Brașov, the Faculty of Music and Lecturer of the National Music University of Bucharest (UNMB).

He is currently a professor of the „George Enescu” National College of Music in Bucharest, UNMB methodologist and methodist professor of the School Inspectorate of Bucharest (ISMB).

Prof. Mircea Lăzărică is the author of the IX-X grades study program.

Since 1998, Mircea Lăzărică is an active member of the Brass Quintet Bucharest chamber ensemble with a repertoire that includes valuable pieces from the entire history of music, from pre-classical to contemporary, from opera and operetta to lied, music-hall and jazz.

Brass Quintet Bucharest

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