Poetry Contest

Anastasia Carlova – Poetry Contest – English, Gr I

Anastasia Carlova participates in the Poetry Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, from Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. We wish her success and thank her!


Live thoroughly with thought of motion,
Be brave enough to scale new heights,
Don't ever dare leave a hurtful scar behind,
Be conscientious to battle inner fights;
If you do not expect, but treasure hopeful thoughts,
If you do not assume from narrow path you see,
If anything that happens does not destroy your core,
Yet fire strengthens you and sets your mind free;
If your commitment is determined by your wish
To persevere keenly in adverse situation,
If you impose no limits on your growth
And do away with pride, and evil, and pretension;
If you are willed enough to not backstab a person,
Or say a word you wouldn't say directly,
If you accept mistakes and when it comes to trouble
You search the root inside of you intently;
If you can grasp the meaning of your actions
And label life as not an empty chase for wind,
If you can seize the time so as to see the essence,
And be persistent in your deeds and disciplined;
If you remain loyal up to the final point,
And never let yourself demolish faith,
If you construct a wall with bricks of hate you're thrown,
In face of wicked judgement you stay untouched and brave;
If you get motivated from a devastating failure
And realize not everything is wholly just,
If you can help a soul in selfless manner,
And not annihilate a conscious trust;
Then you possess all values worth adopting,
And you are opting for a virtuous life;
Whatever your direction is, remember –
Live thoroughly with thought of motion,
Be brave enough to scale new heights!

My Journey After Life

When my spirit dissipates
In the eternity of space,
Then I'll walk among the ashes
Adopting a reposeful pace;
I'll wander till the end of time,
Till freedom ceases to exist,
Until the gloomy moon above
Is captured in the nets of mist;
And when I reach the farthest edge,
I'll fix my gaze upon a cliff,
And in the flaming rays of sun
I will be blazing in relief;
And it will burn the life of me
Until the pulse no longer beats,
And in a sudden aching rush
I'll lose my way 'mongst creepy tweets;
They'll call me fiercely to a maze
Where only darkness nobly dwells,
And flapping hopelessly, my wings
Will resonate in dire yells;
And when the void space in me
No longer aches for being filled,
When faded strength within my core
No longer needs to be rebuilt,
Then it's the time to end the walk,
And vanish in a chasmic gap,
Yet linger as an echo chord
In someone's harmony instead;
I'll bid goodbye to inner sense,
And will defeat all sorrow's frost,
And then I'll split inside myself
To brighten doles of the lost;
The hurried wind in all its zeal
Will scatter me beneath the skies,
So after perishing away
I'll live as sparkles in one's eyes!...

The Desperate Star

The wild Moon was floating in the night
Among the Stars and darkness of the sky.
At once, He saw that one of Stars was grieving,
And couldn’t comprehend: She was so troubled, why?
Her gentle heart was overwhelmed with angst,
She was so high she could see all the world,
But picture that disastrous was and dire,
On this, she fainted and fell onto the Earth.
She’d spent Her will on candid twinkling,
She’d always relished bringing goodwill out,
But now, exhausted, She was lying there –
On greenish grass, beyond the shade of doubt;
She hesitated whether it was good
Without Her on bluish sky above,
But soon around looked and so amazed was –
She saw no wickedness, but beauty, glee, and love…
It was the Spring in its beginning,
The melting snow was ebbing out of sight,
The blooming trees were spread over the forest,
And now She could behold the woods in all delight.
She’d been made weak and unprotected,
The evil deeds had spoilt her kind power,
She could no longer share something great with people,
Before she passed, however, She’d managed watch the Spring in flower;
And after that She feebly flickered,
Yet lasted it some moments brief, but then,
The light went out, the Star split up and vanished,
She never able was to light the Earth again…

What is Time?

'Tis tears that wash away existence, 'tis hidden law of galactic powers,

 Illuminating soul's freedom, the structure of mindset discovers.

May you fill distant run with worth, not to regret that life, destroyed,

Evaporates into the chasm of darkness and perpetual void... -

     The outcome you shall avoid.