Poetry Contest

Georgeta Rarinca – Poetry Contest – English, Gr III

Georgeta Rarinca participates in the Poetry Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We wish her success and thank her!

The Fight for Our Life

The epidemic is spreading like wild fire,
The virus is here, death is not what we desire;
No kissing, no hugging, no touching,
Yet humans are fighting refusing to give up.
Weddings are called off, burials are numerous,
The number of victims is rising, breathing is dangerous;
No dancing, no travelling, no holidaymaking,
Yet humans are fighting refusing to give up.
We are staying home, dreaming of a brighter future,
We are feeding on dear old memories on our computer;
No partying, no clubbing, no socializing,
Yet the virus is fighting to take over our life.
Doctors are sweating under thick layers of plastic, defying death
We are hiding behind masks and screens, holding our breath;
No handshaking, no shopping, no classes,
Yet the virus is fighting to take over our life.
One day we will break free from the deadly virus,
We will resume our kissing, hugging, touching,
 dancing, travelling, holidaymaking, partying, clubbing
socializing,  handshaking, shopping and classes
Because we have been fighting to survive refusing to give up.

The blond guy downstairs

My neighbour made quite an obsession about my keeping quiet,
He seems like hunger is driving him crazy, like he is always on a diet.
The slightest noise pushes him over the edge, he can’t think straight,
He is definitely not one of my best or my favourite mate.
When he sees guests paying me a quick visit
He runs up the stairs and is very explicit:
“I will not tolerate any disturbance above my flat
I think you are just an annoying little spoiled brat!”
The situation with this blond guy is intolerable,
His own wife is reduced to silence, she doesn’t feel loveable.
For fear her husband may suddenly burst into anger she never utters a word.
No kids around them, no pets, no friends since he is ready to pull out a sword.
He’d better be deaf, not hear a thing, he does not appreciate music
Because it irritates his ears, it will cause him invisible bruises.
This guy has turned me sour, I feel can’t stand it anymore
If you have some advice, do not let me start the third world war!

Copy Paste

Creating is the essence of life, which is very sweet,
One click away and the world is at your feet.
Putting pen to paper will never be smooth sailing
You always rack your brain doing a lot of training.
A void is echoing in your empty head
Nobody is watching so you can do what you dread
Dearest memories and thoughts are stolen instead.
Prints are left behind, ready to make an impression,
Art is within your reach craving your full attention
So what are you waiting for, why shouldn’t you do it?
Temptation to copy paste is irresistible
Even if you are aware that it is not permissible.
You did it again because life is short and frail and slipping away!
You reached worldwide fame and eternal glory
You hear lips whispering your household name
You bake like a cake in the admiration of friends
You robbed people of their most cherished possessions,
Of their long-time memories, deep feelings and original inventions!


It wakes you up in the morning,
It keeps you awake at night.
Black, brown or white,
Regular,tall or grande.
Caramel, chocolate or simple,
The world is in you cup.
A sip will definitely work like magic
If you skip it, it will be quite tragic!