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Competitors – International Piano & Organ Contest, 2022

The second edition of the International Online Piano and Pipe Organ Contest brought together 71 competitors. We are grateful that we have participants from all over Romania, from the Republic of Moldova, Kuwait, Germany, Poland, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia. We thank everyone and congratulate them for their participation and for the work they are doing every day in order to achieve performance in music.

The Public Prize for the Competitors at the International Piano and Organ Contest

While the Jury listens to the competitors’ interpretations, we invite you to vote for your favorite contestant. The public vote can be done by appreciating the video with the favorite contestant on YouTube or by commenting with his/her name on the post on Facebook, the festival page:, of this article.

Rule: Anyone who appreciates can „like” the video on YouTube AND can comment on Facebook with the name of the favorite competitor, but it is not aloud to comment on Facebook several times with the same name.

You can listen to the performances of the participants in the International Piano and Organ Contest by clicking the link to the playlists of each section or the links next to each one’s name.

Time references:

As per the Rules of this contest:

March 21 – 24, 2022 – Publication of all videos on the festival website, using YouTube links (offered publicly since March 20), for obtaining the public vote, and the videos’ judging by the Jury, for each category and age group (which is separate from the public vote);

March 25, 2022 – Winners announcement;

March 26, 2022 – Laureates Gala (premiere on YouTube)

e) March 27, 2022 – Announcement of the Festival 4 Arts Trophy winner.

The List of Participants International Piano and Organ Competition:

For mobile phones, swipe left to see the link to YouTube.

Professional Piano

Professional, Group I
1linca-Maria BucalauIașiRomania
2Eduard CerbuDrobeta Turnu SeverinRomania
3Jayakanthan MurugesanChennaiIndia
4Matei PopBucureștiRomania
5Simion TargonChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
Professional, Group II
1Eva Maria CeralováDresdenGermany
2Maria MaleșBucureștiRomania
3Miłosz MoskwaGorzów WielkopolskiPoland
4Adrian-Mihai MureaSfântu-GheorgheRomania
5Natalia NeacșuIașiRomania
6Ștefan NeamțuBucureștiRomania
7Bianca SimionSfântu GheorgheRomania
8Bogdan StarodubChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
Professional, Group III
1Sebastian BalcerzakTarnowskie GóryPoland
2Maria BasarbChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
3Maria Cristina BădițaBucureștiRomania
4Matei Gabriel CristianGalațiRomania
5Dániel KelemenBorla, Jud. SălajRomania
6Manuel Nicolas MargineanuMadridSpain
7Alexandre PopaBucureștiRomania
8Luca-Kristina SolheimBergenNorway
9Abigail-Deborah TanaseSuceavaRomania
10Maša TkalčevićZagrebCroatia
11Ivan VisnioviiChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
Professional, Group IV
1Mara BobuIașiRomania
2Ana-Maria IlieBucureștiRomania
3Bianca-Victoria MarițFăleștiRepublic of Moldova
4Sylvan Mayer-WhitlaCorkIreland
5Maria-Diana NeagoeTârgu JiuRomania
6Riccardo Nathanael TanaseSuceavaRomania
7Andrei-Cristian VoinescuRâmnicu VâlceaRomania
Professional, Group V
1Jovine Freia IskandarSurabayaIndonesia
2Bianca StănescuPloieștiRomania
3Ines-Amelia ȘagăuSuceavaRomania
Professional, Group VI
1Emanuela IonițăBucureștiRomania
2Kamila OzerovaBrnoCzech Republic
3Ioana-Cristina ȚupaCluj-NapocaRomania

Amateur Piano

Amateur, Group I 
1Theodor MarcuBucureștiRomania
2Ana Maria PopBucureștiRomania
3Lizbeth TuKuwaitKuwait
Amateur, Group IIPlaylist:
1Riu-Nefr AkimotoFrankfurtGermany
2Andreea BejanChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
3Amalia Gabriela ChețuGalațiRomania
4Anastasia ChilatChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
5Laura CovrigChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
6Daria DoncilăChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
7Adina-Ioana FugaUngheniRepublic of Moldova
8Patrizia-Ioana NeaguPiteștiRomania
9Raluca NegruChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
10Priscilla OrzanRădăuțiRomania 
11Bianca ReabovChișinăuRepublic of Moldova
Amateur, Group III 
1Iulian-Cristian AnaAl. Odobescu, Călărași CountyRomania
2Ștefan Andrei LataOradeaRomania
3Miruna Maria NeacșuBucureștiRomania
4Lucas SalanțăBistrițaRomania
5Shaun ThomasKuwaitKuwait
Amateur, Group IV 
1Juan-David BuriceanuCălărașiRomania
2Andrei Vlăduț GheorghițăSibiuRomania
3Deema MouazzenSalwaKuwait
4Nigel Savio Do RosarioKuwaitKuwait
5Marie Luise ReichardtBeeskowGermany
6Cosmin-Lucian ȘtefanacheIașiRomania
7Tejia WangHawallyKuwait

Piano Accompaniment

Accompaniment, Group II
Rosemarie LandgrafDresdenGermany
Accompaniment, Group IV
Juan David Buriceanu & Teodora GaneaCălărașiRomania


Daiana Maria Chiriță (9 yo) and Andrei Iacob (8 yo)CălărașiRomania

Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ, Group VI
1Daniel CiobanuPildeștiRomania
2Theodor Alexandru RădulescuTimișoaraRomania
3Darius Gabriel SalaTimișoaraRomania
4Alexandru SimóTimișoaraRomania
5Alexandru TulcanTimișoaraRomania