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Winners-International Literary Creation, 4th Edition

Introduction / Introducere The fourth edition of the International Literary Creation Contest brought together 148 competitors from all over Romania, from the Republic of Moldova, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and the Ivory Coast. The vast majority of them came from Romania, who, once again, demonstrate the talent of the […]

Djénéba Maiga, Contes, Groupe IV

To read the creation of Djénéba Maiga, request a translation by clicking the “Translate” button. Djénéba Maiga participe à la section “Contes pour enfants” du Concours International de Création Littéraire, 4ème édition, en provenance de Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Djénéba a 45 ans. Nous la remercions pour sa participation […]