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Literary Creation Section – Specific Rules

Please read the Literary Creation Section Specific Rules of the International Creation & Performance Contest. You can find out about the winners of the first edition of the Poetry Contest at and watch the wonderful winners in the interviews offered on PlayList: https : // list = PL2rUUWdWYt9DAaInD_pRS4dJaRbXKROeV


A – Poetry

B – Poetry for children

C – Short prose

D – Stories for children


The Literary Creation Section of the International Creation and Interpretation Competition is addressed to young people and adults with literary interests, as follows:

Group I – competitors under 14 years of age

Group II – young people aged between 14 and 18 years

Group III – young people aged between 19 and 25 years

Group IV – adults older than 26 years

THEME OF THE COMPETITION for the Literary Creation Section:

a) The contest does not have a given theme, this being at the choice of the participants. In the case of poetry, it is recommended that the idea be subscribed to a well-known lyrical register (present in Romanian and universal literature).

b) Each contestant will send 3 (three) poems, respectively a single text of maximum 3 pages, for short prose. The texts for the contest will be written in A4 format, Times New Roman, character 12, obligatory with correct spelling, 1.5 spaces and will be sent only in .doc or .docx.

Poems can address a wide range of prosody. Poems should be no shorter than 5 verses, but no longer than 8 stanzas.

The works will be sent to the e-mail address:


The Poetry and Short Prose Section of the International Creation & Performance Contest takes place in 3 categories, each with the 4 target groups, according to the table:

RomanianGroup I
Group II
Group III
Group IV
English Group I
Group II
Group III
Group IV
French Group I
Group II
Group III
Group IV


The texts of the literary creations will be written in WORD (.doc or .docx format). Those in Romanian will contain diacritics, and those in French will contain accents. The font used will be Times New Roman of size 12, and the space between the lines will be 1.5.


  • Stylistic valences of the text, appreciation of some elements of creativity (style figures, artistic images, rhetorical procedures etc.);
  • Authenticity and originality of creation, the degree of artistic complexity;
  • Particularities of a compositional and technical nature of creation;
  • References showing the degree of cultural accumulation of the competitor;
  • The impact of the transmitted message, its instructive-educational value;
  • Observance of current typing techniques and the general impression offered by the text;
  • Observance of the spelling rules.