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Alexandru Rusu, Stories for Children, Group I

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Alexandru Rusu participates in the “Stories for Children” Section of the English Category, International Literary Creation Contest, 3rd Edition, from Chișinău, Republic of Moldova and is 12 years old. He is guided by Prof. Viorica Curmoiarțev, at Theoretical Lyceum ”Mihail Sadoveanu” Chișinău. We thank him for this participation and wish him success.

                        The fairy tale of the dog with a fractured paw, but with a good heart

Once upon a time there lived in the yard of the block a beautiful and quiet dog. He had brown fur like chocolate and was called Choco. He was friendly and never barked at people. 

On a warm summer day, a gang of boys approached him. Choco was glad, and his tail moved to the right and left. He thought the kids were going to give him food, but he was bitterly mistaken.

The boys laughed and started throwing rocks at the poor helpless animal. The dog fell. After the boys saw that Choco was lying on the ground without movement, they got bored and went away.

The poor animal was bloody and didn't understand why those boys beat him. The dog was kind-hearted and even when he was stoned, he didn’t bite the children. He wanted to run away from them, but couldn't. So, he layed down until he fell asleep on the black, cold ground. No one approached him to help. Unfortunately, all passers-by were indifferent. Choco woke up, because he felt someone lick his wounds. It was a little black cat like coal and with green eyes like emerald. They became inseparable friends.

Over time, the dog recovered, but remained limp. Now the poor dog could only use three paws.   When Choco saw the bad guys, he hid the cat. He could bite the children by the feet, but he didn't, because he was a good-hearted dog, Here's how Choco showed that a helpless dog can be wiser than bad kids. 

Let's protect those who are weaker than us!