Concours de poésie

Robert Rogozan, Poetry, Group II

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Robert Rogozan participates in the “Poetry” Section of the English Category, International Literary Creation Contest, 3rd Edition, from Adjud, Vrancea County, Romania and is 18 years old. He is guided by Prof. Tania Buchidău, at Technical College “Gheorghe Balş” Adjud. We thank him for this participation and wish him success.

			                   OVER YOU

You send me messages,
And countless calls;
I won’t respond to them
‘Cause  my soul falls.

I’m getting over you
Because we are not one after, just before.
What you did to me
Made me stronger more and more.

My mind has changed,
My soul has died,
From now, my life
Is like the middle of the night.

Just let me go, and let me sleep,
In this mad world I’m falling in the deep.
You are like everybody else,
An inhuman person without soul,
Who doesn’t care…

You stabbed me and  let me die on the floor.

					End of the world

If the end of the world was near
I could be close to you and take (and take your fear);
I would ask you to give me your heart,
I would give you a shooting star,
Then, I would cover you with the light of a spelled jar…
If there are 5 more minute of air,
What would you prefer?
Stay here and hide,
run for your life,
or stay, and spend them all with me.
Just spell it in my ears,
and I will take your tears.

			All about you

Hello, stranger, remember me?
I am that person that you promised  the stars from the galaxy.
I don’t want them, you see…
Because they belong to the galaxy, as you belong to me.

I adore you in multiple ways,
You always put a smile on my face.
And the reason for me keeping you in my life:
You just stabbed my heart with Cupid’s knife.

I feel protected laying next to you.
You give me powers.
I feel that I can change the world
And rewrite the story between ME and YOU.