Concours de prose

Maria Iosana Ghilea, Short Prose, Group I

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Maria Iosana Ghilea participates in the “Short Prose” Section of the English Category, International Literary Creation Contest, 3rd Edition, from Sântana, Jud. Arad, Romania and is 13 years old. She is guided by Prof. Cristina Roșu, at Children’s Club Sântana. We thank her for this participation and wish her success.

                                                         The fantastic journey back to my childhood  

Childhood is the most beautiful part of life. It is the place where we are born, where we grow up, mature, start thinking freely and start our own family. My biggest wish is to resume my childhood.  Many times I wanted to be able to travel back to  my childhood, to relive all the beautiful moments of my life ... especially to able to see the house where I lived.  I was looking for a solution to go back to the past, but the only thing that I could found was a moment of true magic in my life…to have a fantastic journey back to my childhood! I invented a time machine that brought me here in the past. I left the whole future only to return here, in the most beautiful part of my life, childhood. Although I will probably regret leaving everything for this journey, but this is a problem of the future, and I am a part of the past now ... an innocent little child that knew these could be an impossible journey for our times, but it is a magical journey…I have my own dreams … and in my mind everything is possible:  Even now I remember when I wanted to grow up, to grow up, to know more and more, to try everything, to be appreciated and to help all the people in the world ... and now that I have come to do all this, even more, I want to be a child again, not to worry and to be able to play. Deep down, I was dreaming….. But why… ? Why do I want to give up everything I did just for the sake of my childhood?  It's simple ... it's magic! Yes, it's magic! The magic made of children's smiles, mixed with the wonderful fairy dust, and the imagination of a leprechaun. But I don't think anyone in the world talks about this magic. Well, I've been through a lot of adventures. I had the opportunity to laugh with Little Red Riding Hood, to drink tea with Rapunzel, to make pies with the Three Little Pigs, but I regret.... I regret that I was carried away by the waves, until I forgot ... I forgot about the magic of books! Discovering a new world, the world of video games I started to like it and forgot about the other world…the world of my childhood. This reminded me that it is not long and I will grow up. I was writing dedications for my childhood, to memorize the most beautiful memories and feelings. The joyful lyrics warmed my soul, and I composed poems.  

I really like to walk here in the magic world of my childhood and I love to fly through the memories that brought me happiness! I left in my childhood many wonderful dreams and when I kicked them out I stirred up the cherished memories! The false devotion it play with on the scene of the innocence, the charm that it has on me, oh, all these dreams should STOP because CHILDHOOD you're far away! Immediately my CHILDHOOD closed the door for me! It told me to fly without disappointment… But the silence was like a wake-up call and the story is old ... Children are like butterflies flying in the twilight - Some rise higher than others and the memories are leaking ... But everyone flies - as good as they can! So don't compare them when they come down, even if the wind blows them away!  Now….I sit alone in the darkness and I feel alone, only the sound of the violins keeps hearing, thus for eternity unread, like a book! Life is the true meaning, what brought me harmony in the consensus game -  THANK YOU CHILDHOOD! I don't want to look at you with tears, You are part of me and when my soul was tormented, you made me feel good! Feelings burn like torches but my joy smiles when I'm with my family and the childhood laughs!  After this experience, I began to write my feelings in books called "journals." I started drawing imaginary chalk friends, which came true with a breath! I started playing with toys, like a puppet show, and all just to have memories - My childhood memories. But still, what is childhood? It means much more than a pink world, in which we don't worry about anything and maybe we eat sweets in abundance. It means much more, it is a world of ours and in which we learn to be free and to venture into the world of books. Reading in our lives is one of the most enjoyable things. I realized I had lost everything, but that doesn't mean I can't think like a child anymore. Life is long and tiring, but childhood helps us to overcome any obstacle. And that's all I learned from it, and now I want to tell you ... Just take advantage of childhood, because it is our saviour, and it never gives up on us, we can find it if we want, the thing that we have to do is just to close our eyes and start dreaming!