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Wan Ting YU – piano & accompaniment

Wan Ting YU offers piano and accompaniment masterclasses in the week July 24-29, 2023 at Festival 4 Arts ”Dan Iordăchescu” Câmpina. For application click the link: https://festivaluldearte.com/2023/02/20/masterclasses-2023/ .


Wan Ting YU was born in Taiwan. Showing a great level of interest and advanced musical skills since early childhood, she began to play piano at the age of 3 and double bass when she was 10.


Wan Ting YU has received a Bachelor degree in piano performance from the National Taiwan Normal University and her Master’s Degree in Double Bass performance at Taipei National University of Arts.

Currently Wan Ting YU is pursuing doctorate in collaborative piano at Arizona State University.

Prizes and distinctions won by Wan Ting

Wan Ting YU won several prizes as both, pianist and bass player: First Prize of National Taichung Second Senior High School Piano concerto competition, in the same month, she won the second prize playing the bass, in the strings concerto competition. Consequently, she was the featured piano soloist with the school orchestra.

As a bass player, Wan Ting won numerous competitions and accolades for her technically advanced and musically mature playing:

  • The First Prize Winner of National Bass Contest for College students in Taiwan in 2012
  • The First Prize Winner of Taipei City Bass Contest for College student in Taiwan in 2011
  • The First Prize Winner of Taichung City Bass Contest for teenagers in 2009

Artistic activity of Wan Ting

Since 2015, she has a full time position as bass player in Taipei Symphony Orchestra. Prior to her current professional position with Taipei Symphony Orchestra, she has collaborated also with the National Symphony Orchestra touring and performing in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China.

As a pianist, she has built a strong reputation and was a very sought-after accompanist in Taipei.

She was featured in several of world-renowned double bassist Catalin Rotaru’s CD albums. Among them, the “Lord of the Basses” album recorded in 2017 in Japan, featuring the Testore instrument G. Bottesini played all his life and the album entitled “A Punti Da Un Viaggio in Italia” which was recorded in 2018 in Italy.