Low Strings Section Contest

Low Strings Section Contest – Rules & Regulations

(Music Contest)


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Registration Deadline

Participation Fee for Soloists

The participation fee is 20 Euro for soloists.

20,00 EUR

Participation Fee for Ensembles

Ensembles will pay 15 Euro for each member. If possible, the ensemble’s representative will pay the whole amount for all members in one payment.

15,00 EUR


Low Strings Section Contest is organized by Best Bridge Services SRL in partnership with Câmpina City Hall, Municipal House of Culture “Geo Bogza”, Municipal Library ”Dr. C. I. Istrati” Câmpina, Câmpina Philharmonic Society, Câmpina National Center for Tourist Information and Promotion, Câmpina National College ”Nicolae Grigorescu”, Câmpina Children’s Club, “Matei Basarab” Brebu School, Sector 1 Bucharest Children’s Club


The Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts is an online competition, promoted internationally, which aims to discover and promote new talents, to stimulate young people to dedicate their free time to manifesting their talent, cultivating universal values expressed through music, but also to encourage the public to appreciate the sound of these instruments and to increase children’s desire to play them. In the same spirit of promoting these musical instruments, the competition is open to adults who want to compete as to assert their talent using this opportunity, as well.


– Stimulating and promoting the talent of children, young people and instrumental adults,

– Exchange of experience between target groups,

– Promoting intercultural dialogue and education,

– Establishing relationships between competitors through which they can create or complete chamber formations,

– Increasing the degree of involvement of children and young people in cultural and personal development activities.


The Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts is addressed to children, youngsters and adults, as follows:

Group I – children under 9 years of age

Group II – children aged between 9 and 11 years

Group III – children aged between 12 and 14 years

Group IV – youth aged 15 to 17 years

Group V – youth aged between 18 and 20 years

Group VI – adults older than 20 years (No age limitation is imposed)

The age must be reached by the start date of the competition. Each competitor will participate in a single age group, but can participate in several categories, paying the fee for each.      


a) Groups I-V will record a video that includes two contrasting pieces from two different eras of music history;

b) Group VI (harp excluded) will record a video that includes three pieces – one baroque, the second classical or romantic, the third modern;

c) Group VI harp will record a video that includes three pieces – one classic, one romantic and the third modern.

Registrations will be sent via WeTransfer (or a similar platform) to the e-mail address: festivaluldearte@gmail.com.


a) Groups I and II will send a recording of maximum 10 minutes (comprising the 2 contrasting pieces);

b) Groups III and IV will send a recording of maximum 20 minutes (comprising the 2 contrasting pieces);

c) Groups V and VI will send a recording of maximum 30 minutes (comprising the 2 contrasting musical pieces for Group V and the 3 pieces for Group VI, respectively).

By the maximum timing we do not impose a lower limit, but only an upper one. Therefore, competitors must not exceed the maximum timing, but may perform pieces shorter than the required maximum time of performance.


The Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts includes 6 categories, each with the 7 target groups that represent the sections of each category.

The categories are:

A. Viola

B. Cello

C. Double bass

D. Harp

E. Guitar

F. Ensembles


Article 1 – General conditions

1.1 The participants in this contest are obliged to comply with the terms written in the Contest Rules & Regulations of the Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, Edition I, October 22 – December 5, 2020;

1.2 The competition rules are drawn up and made public, according to the applicable legislation in Romania. The organizer reserves the right to amend or change the Rules and Regulations. Such changes will enter into force only after the prior notice of these changes on the official website: https://festivaluldearte.com/.

Article 2 – Conditions for participation in the competition

2.1 This competition is open to all persons with Romanian citizenship or foreign citizens, regardless of nationality, race, sex or religion and who meet all the conditions provided by these Rules & Regulations for the Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts;

2.2 The employees of the Organizer and their first degree relatives (children, parents, spouse), as well as the persons involved in the organization and realization of the contest, members of the Jury and their first degree relatives cannot participate in this contest.

2.3 It is forbidden for the competitors to send video-recordings for which they do not hold copyrights according to Law no. 8/1996 with subsequent amendments and completions on copyright and related rights. In this regard, participants are responsible for the authenticity and originality of the recording.

2.4 The Organizer will not consider the works that violate, in any way, the Copyright Law or other Romanian laws in force on the date of the Contest.

2.5 The videos sent in the conditions of the present Rules & Regulation of the Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, will be accompanied, compulsory by:

a) Personal data – Annex 1 – Registration slip;

b) Publication agreement – Annex 2 – PUBLICATION RIGHT AGREEMENT.

2.6 Annexes 1 and 2 will be transmitted together with the records, on WeTransfer (or similar platforms). If the participant has not reached the age of 18 yet, his / her legal representative will have to complete Annex 3, which they will attach on WeTransfer (or similar platforms). By fulfilling Annex 3 they express their consent for the minor they represent to participate in the contest. Failure to comply with this mandatory requirement, as well as some omissions in the forms, will lead to automatic disqualification.

2.7 Competitors will send the video-recordings having read the “PUBLICATION RIGHT AGREEMENT”, thus, they will not fill in other forms, they will not scan documents, they will not sign and they will not wait for the confirmation of receipt of these documents.

2.8 The video and Annexes will be sent only in electronic format and only via WeTransfer (or similar platforms) to the email address: festivaluldearte@gmail.com. The message’s subject will be: name, surname, category and section in which the competitor participates (example: Smith John – Viola, Group I).

2.9 Competitors must pay the fee of 20 Euro / or 15 Euro for each member, in the case of ensembles, in the account of the organizer Best Bridge Services SRL opened at ING Bank, Bucharest, IBAN: RO22INGB0000999903782351 (in RON) SWIFT Code: INGBROBU and send by email the proof of payment of this fee, at the same time with the video-recordings and the completed annexes.

2.10 Competitors may participate in the solo and ensemble categories, with the payment of the fee for each category.

Article 3 – Competition period

3.1 The first edition of the Low Strings Section Contest of the Festival 4 Arts takes place according to the following calendar:

a) October 22 – December 5, 2020 – Registration of competitors, receipt and evaluation of videos, upload them on the YouTube channel of „Festivalul de arte” – https://youtube.com/c/Festivaluldearte, as “unlisted”. The videos will be sent only during the registration period for the competition, namely starting with October 22, 2020, at 00:00 and no later than December 05, 2020, at 23:59;

b) December 06 – 19, 2020 – Publication of all videos on the festival website https://festivaluldearte.com/, using YouTube links (offered publicly since December 06), for obtaining the public vote, and the judging the videos by the Jury for each category and section;

c) December 20, 2020 – Winners announcement.

3.2 The competition period, respectively all the dates mentioned above, may be modified, the organizers of the competition having the obligation to announce in advance on the aforementioned web page any possible changes in the competition regulations.

Article 4 – Technical details

The recordings must be in .avi, .wmv, .mov or .mp4 format, be clear in both image and sound, made without disturbances, background noise etc. The device must be positioned so that the whole body of the performer and the instrument are visible.

Accompaniment can also be performed by recording the accompanying musician alone, if he / she cannot be with the competitor in the same room. “Live” accompaniment is preferred. In this case, make sure you have the consent of the accompanying musician to appear on the video-recording.

Recordings with computerized accompaniment (made electronically) and audio processing of the recording are not allowed.

The video-recording must contain all the contest pieces. During the filming, the participant must specify the name, age and section for which he participates and the name of the companion.

Please dress in a neat and proper manner. Use of professional cameras or equipment is not a must. Videos taken with simple equipment, such as mobile phones, are enough.

Article 5 – Winners announcement

The contest’s winners will be announced on December 20, 2020, on the website of the Festival 4 Arts – https://festivaluldearte.com/.

Article 6 – The Jury

The Jury will consist of 5 members, as follows: Florin Matei (Head of the viola party at the “George Enescu” Philharmonic, Romania), Dan Cavassi (Head of cello party at the “George Enescu” Philharmonic, Romania), Prof. Univ. Dr. Cătălin Rotaru (Arizona State University of Music, USA), Prof. Drd. Miruna-Elena Vidican (CNM ”George Enescu”, România) și Prof. Dr. Stan Zamfirescu (CNM ”George Enescu”, România). The biographies of the Jury members can be found on the festival website, click on their names in this paragraph.

The Jury will determine, based on a score, the winners of the prizes for each section and category.

Article 7 – Prizes of the Low Strings Section Contest

7.1 All participants in the contest will receive participation diplomas, submitted online.

7.2 Each category may obtain a “Grand Prize”, depending on the appreciation of the Jury. Each section of each category will be awarded the First Prize, the Second Prize, the Third Prize and Mentions. The prizes will consist of money (Grand Prize), promotion on the festival’s YouTube channel and on Facebook. Also, the winners are invited to give recitals at the “Geo Bogza” House of Culture in Câmpina, Romania. Expenses for transport, accommodation and meals for participation in recitals are not reimbursed. Depending on the interest and availability of the winners, the prizes may also include discounts on the participation fee for the Masterclasses organized in the summer of 2021.

The number of prizes will be decided by the Jury, depending on the artistic value of the competitors.

7.3 All the data mentioned above can be modified, the contest organizers having the obligation to announce in advance on the festival website any possible changes in the contest rules.

7.4 The decisions of the Jury are unique and final, no appeals are allowed.

Article 8 – Judging Criteria

The jury will pay special attention to the quality of the performance, in the stylistic context of the compositional period, and the expressiveness in approaching the musical-artistic discourse.

Article 9 – Interruption of the contest

9.1 This contest may be interrupted only in case of force majeure or by a decision of the Organizer, but not before publicly announcing the decision on the website https://festivaluldearte.com/.

9.2 According to the provisions of art.1351 par. (2) of the New Civil Code, force majeure is defined as follows: “Force majeure is any external event, unpredictable, absolutely invincible and inevitable.”

Article 10 – Personal data processing

10.1 In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 with the subsequent amendments and completions for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data and of Law no. 506/2004 with subsequent amendments and completions regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, you have the following rights regarding the collection and processing of personal data: the right to intervene on data (art. 14), the right to information (art. 12), access to data (art. 13), opposition to using your personal data (art. 15), to go to court (art. 18). To exercise these rights, you can address a written request, dated and signed, to the e-mail address: festivaluldearte@gmail.com.

10.2 Your personal data collected by the Organizer under the conditions set out above, may be used and / or transferred for advertising, marketing, education and culture, newsletter subscriptions, competitions, contests, representing your consent.

10.3 By enlisting yourself in the contest you have the obligation to fill in correctly and completely the Annexes with your personal data, these being part of the application for entering the contest.

10.4 At the written request of the applicant, dated and signed, sent to the e-mail address festivaluldearte@gmail.com , the organizer undertakes to:

– rectify, update, block, delete or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, data whose processing does not comply with legal provisions;

– stop processing the personal data of the applicant.

10.5 By completing the aforementioned annexes and sending them to the Organizer, in order to participate in the contest, the participant or the legal representative of the participant implicitly offers his consent for the processing of personal data by the Organizer.

Article 11 – Disputes

Any disputes between the Organizer and the participant in this contest will be resolved agreeably.