Poetry Contest

Winners of the Poetry Contest, 1st Edition

Statistics for the Poetry Contest of the Festival 4 Arts, 1st Edition

A word to competitors

We enjoyed reading a lot of beautiful poetry, of various genres, through which the English word became pictorial, enriched in meanings, in love, traveled in chosen clothes to our souls. Because we didn’t want to leave this trip unpaid, we enriched the jury’s decision with two Grand Prizes (one for Romanian and one for English), which allowed the competitors to climb one place in the standings, so that we share as much joy as possible and give reasons to return at the next editions of the Poetry Contest.

We congratulate you all and thank you for the wonderful introspections of the soul, in a world too hurried, too superficial, too robotic, but more thirsty for beauty than ever!

Artistic director,

Diana Spânu

Practical aspects

Each competitor has the picture of the diploma awarded by the Festival 4 Arts at the end of the page with his/her poems and can download it from there.

The Grand Prize is worth 250 lei, the other prizes consisting of books or calendars offered by the Editorial Office “Revista Nouă”, by Maestro Florin Dochia, by the Bookstore “Elstar” Câmpina (for the Special Prizes “Iulia Hasdeu”, “Geo Bogza” and the Prize Special for Poetry for children) and by Intaglio Publishing House, main sponsor of the Festival 4 Arts since its establishment. Moreover, there will be the publication in ”Revista Nouă” of a poem written by the winners of the Grand Prize and the First Prize, at the choice of Master Florin Dochia.

In addition, the Romanian version of this page will be promoted on Facebook for 7 days, representing a useful and significant reward for all the winners.

All contestants who want to know the jury notes or the position in the ranking are asked to send an email to festivaluldearte@gmail.com or call the festival phone.

On October 10, 2020, at 17:00, we invite you to the House of Culture “Geo Bogza” in Câmpina to enjoy an Exceptional Concert featuring three internationally renowned artists – MAYUMI SAKAMOTO – soprano (Japan), CLAUDIA CODREANU – mezzo-soprano, INNA ONCESCU – pianist (both from Romania). At the end of the concert, Maestro Florin Dochia will announce all the winners and will offer the diplomas and prizes of those who manage to be present. Therefore, please send us the email address festivaluldearte@gmail.com or reserve a place directly from the event created on Facebook, in case you manage to reach it. Below is the QR code of the event created on Facebook:

QR code of the event from 10.10.2020, "Geo Bogza" House of Culture from Câmpina
QR code of the event from 10.10.2020, “Geo Bogza” House of Culture from Câmpina
Nr. crt.NameLocalityPrize
1Carlova Anastasia – Gr IChișinău, Rep. MoldovaGrand Prize
2Danci Alice – Gr IIIBrașov, RomaniaI
3Diaconu Stefana Maria – Gr IIBucurești, RomaniaII
4Nastase Elena-Simona – Gr IIIBacău, RomaniaII
5Rarinca Georgeta – Gr IIICluj-Napoca, RomaniaII